who benefits from parent coaching?
single parents, working parents, divorced parents, stay-at-home parents, exhausted and frustrated parents. caring, enlightened, concerned caregivers who want their children to be happy and confident and independent. mothers and fathers who seek to enrich the bond between parent and child. in short, all parents derive improved relationships from professional parent coaching.

telephone coaching
telephone coaching provides confidential, non-threatening personal support without your ever having to leave your home or office. there is no need to adjust your schedule, pay a babysitter, or travel. your coach will call you by prearranged appointment whenever it is most convenient. phone coaching will give you specific and effective strategies that can be introduced and implemented immediately.

the initial consultation
in a ten-minute pre-coaching consultation at no cost, you and your parent educator will discuss your issues and outline a working model for change. please call us at 617-257-3241 to set up your initial consultation.

how we work together
experience has taught us that it usually takes three consultative sessions to discuss, reinforce and - when necessary - to introduce new parenting strategies.

• telephone sessions will be scheduled at our mutual convenience.
• each session will last 50 minutes.
• most sessions will occur over a four to six week period or according to your needs.
• individual 50 minute sessions may be available
• you will be asked to make your first appointment following our pre-consultation interview.
• we cannot guarantee change. however, with commitment and consistency on your part, you will make strides toward your goals.

during our initial phone conversation we can discuss the costs of our services.

let's get started
click here to begin to be a happier, more confident parent.

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